Planning for a shoe fundraiser is an innovative method of collecting money for charity. The shoe drive fundraiser has become one of the most popular and effective fundraising options for schools, churches, non-profit organizations, clubs, communities, etc. It is a simple and effective fundraising method of engaging communities and sets an excellent example for raising serious funds. There are some basic yet vital steps that help to achieve a successful show fundraiser event.

Finding the right partner

The first step towards hosting a successful shoe drive fundraiser is partnering with the right organization. The organization must be dedicated to turning unwanted footwear into opportunities for less fortunate individuals from around the globe. It is suggested to choose an organization with a similar mission and goals to the host, starting with the resources offered without any cost for shoe fundraiser. A typical free fundraiser starter kit includes the following items.

    • Pre-paid shipping labels
    • Downloadable marketing items
    • Multiple collection bags

Collecting shoes and not cash

In most cases, people are requested to donate money and help the fundraiser become successful. Raising money from multiple organizations can be overwhelming because of the effort that goes into it because people often refrain from donating cash. When it comes to donating unused pairs of shoes in the closet, individuals won’t mind donating and facilitating a social cause. Shoe drive fundraisers offer amazing opportunities to get rid of unwanted shows toward a good cause. There is no pressure and guilt when requested to participate in a shoe drive fundraiser event.

Getting funds

Once the shoe fundraiser is complete, the host needs to pack up the shoes in the bags or containers offered by the partnered organization and send them. Furthermore, when one is hosting a current fundraiser, he/she is required to send the shoes whenever there is a full collection in the bag or container. When the bags or shoe containers are received by the partnered organization, it processes the shoes and calculates the total number acquired based on the number of pairs or the weight. Eventually, within a few days, the host receives an e-cheque or cheque via mail. The host can encash the money and utilize it toward the needs of a community or others.

Giving back to the social cause

Instead of piling in a landfill, every pair of shoes collected during a shoe fundraiser is put to good use. The partnered organizations make use of the shoes in multiple ways.

    • Come up with micro-entrepreneurship in poverty-stricken regions of the world.
    • Offer access to shoes for young kids who require footwear to attend school.
    • Eliminating the spread of infectious diseases via the contact of bare feet.

The motive of such fundraising events is to help less unfortunate people worldwide.


It is amazing to find that one simple shoe drive fundraiser event can have a lasting impression. The unused and unwanted shoes find their way into the feet of individuals in destitution. One should try the simple yet innovative and effective way of raising funds via shoe drive. The host not only gets the capital in return but can also encourage family, friends, and the community to do good to others and make the world a better place.