NEET is unquestionably a prominent and challenging admission exam. It is the direct route to an aspirational career in medicine. Most candidates believe that only students with outstanding academic records can pass NEET, yet this is untrue. Anyone with a solid plan is wholly committed and works hard enough to pass the exam. With the help of this post, we hope to dispel some common beliefs and misconceptions held by candidates while highlighting specific key points to concentrate on to pass the NEET exam successfully.

  •  Neglecting the basics

You cannot construct a multi-story structure without a solid foundation. Similar to this, the fundamental ideas in each portion of NEET serve as a foundation for more complex ideas. Without solid conceptual knowledge, passing NEET is impossible. Therefore, you must delude yourself if you believe you can pass the NEET using rote learning methods, memorization, and reading things from the surface. Prioritize getting your concepts clarified.

  •  Interminable delays

Procrastination is common when anything is put off until tomorrow. That day after tomorrow never seems to arrive. Without further ado, start immediately because we all know how terrible the consequences of waiting can be. Setting timers, creating a to-do list, creating weekly/monthly/daily plans, rewarding oneself at the end of a session, monitoring oneself, and other strategies can help.

  • Avoid attempting to walk while chewing gum.

While multitasking is a great skill, it might backfire regarding NEET preparation. So instead, follow the rule of one thing at a time.

Avoid using social media or watching TV while you’re studying. Whenever one sits down to study, they should keep good posture, seek out a quiet area, and remain entirely thoughtless. Pay close attention when you study alone.

  1.  Making Reference to Several Books

This could be a severe error. Students frequently consume a lot of material that is not necessary or important because of a fear that they won’t remember anything significant. They use a stack of books as evidence for this. This behavior needs to stop right away. Your go-to book ought to be NCERT. Refer to relevant sources in addition to this; that should be sufficient.

  •  Focusing on One Subject

NEET is primarily for biology lovers. Physics and chemistry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are a necessary component of NEET. So, rather than concentrating on all topics, some plan to master Biology while putting Physics and Chemistry on the back burner. Avoid doing this. While biology can aid in NEET success, remember that physics and chemistry determine your rank and, consequently, the college you might attend. Therefore, give each area similar attention because they are all equally important.

  1.  Damage brought on by erroneous marking.

If you’ve previously taken practice exams or registered for the NEET, you should be familiar with the effects of negative marking. Students fill in the OMR with pure guesswork to answer questions or see the form completed. Remember that even a single mark can cost you one hundred rankings. Avoid this at all costs.

  • Being disheartened by poor grades

Daily tests and mock tests are essential. They assess our knowledge of the topic and our knowledge of our abilities. Learn from your performance analysis. However, don’t let the consistently poor results in these exams demotivate you.