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Choose One Of The Planet

You Choose Mercury 

Meet the planet known as the messenger of the gods.

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Madam Rides the Bus


You Choose Venus

This is the planet of art, beauty, and romance.

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The Proposal

How do Organisms Reproduce?

You Choose Earth

This is the planet which is fully Energetic.

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Light Reflection and Refraction


You Choose Mars

This is the god of love and war, entirely linked to our passions.

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The rise of nationalism in Europe

The nationalist movement in indo china

You Choose Jupiter

This planet is known as the king of the Gods, or Zeus.

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A Letter to God


You Choose Saturn

This masculine planet is known as the master of time and deliverer of karma.

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Two Stories About Flying

You Choose Uranus

The planet of change rules the sign of Aquarius as well as ideas, energy, and thought systems that give our world its webs of significance.

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Light Reflection and Refraction


You Choose Neptune

The god of the sea is also the ruler of Pisces.

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Life Processes

Minerals and energy resources

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