Any technology-inclined students will not be unfamiliar with the degree BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application. A BCA course has a holistic approach toward the technology application level. It is one of the minimum degree certifications one requires to enter the technology world.

The rise of the digital era will increase job opportunities for a person with a BCA degree. A BCA course is 3 years or 6 semesters long and is one of the most popular courses for students who want to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology. 

The student who aspires to join BCA must fulfil the BCA eligibility criteria. They must study commerce or equivalent subjects in their 10+2 boards from any recognized boards and should have a minimum of 50% or above aggregate marks. You can study BCA through regular, online, or distance modes since many colleges offer BCA in these modes.

Once the degree is completed, you can choose career streams which include self-employment. You could sell your services to companies or individuals. MNCs offer job opportunities to BCA graduates at the beginner level. However, for good growth in the career and a better pay scale, you should improve your skills after graduation by opting for any specialisation course.

There are various career options you can pursue after BCA. Here are some of the courses after BCA you should consider.

  • Pursue MCA or Master of Computer Application

If a student wants to pursue masters after the BCA degree, one of the better options is MCA or Masters in Computer Application. MCA will upskill your knowledge of computer applications and software development at masters level. It is a three-year or six-semester-long course and will include the study of the latest software development trends, computer application tools, and programming languages. 

You can choose the MCA specialisations as per your choice and learn additional skills such as Python, C++, Java scripting, OX, UX, etc. To get admitted to an MCA course, a student must go through the state or national level entrance tests.

After MCA, a graduate can work as Software Developer, Troubleshooter, Programmer Software Application Architect, System Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, System Analyst, Web Designer and Developer, Software Consultant, etc.

  • Pursue MBA or Master of Business Administration

One of the popular options that offer job opportunities after BCA is an MBA or Master of Business Administration. An MBA has a significant value in the corporate world. It is easy to get a job at any big firm to a higher position if you have an MBA degree. 

MBA is a two-year professional degree course with a curriculum including the concepts of management, finance, administration, etc. You can specialise in the area of your interest. The specialisations include MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in International Business MBA in Healthcare Management, MBA in Banking & Financial Services, MBA in Business Analytics, and so on.

  • Pursue MIM or Masters in Information Management

Millions are working in the IT and Management sector of the corporate world. Knowledge about computer science, management, software programming, E-commerce, etc., is crucial to hold such positions. A degree in information management provides the strategic aspect of the knowledge related to the IT and Management sector. 

You can pursue a Masters in Information Management after BCA and it is offered as a certificate for a PG degree course. The duration of a course could range from 6 months to 2 years. It can be chosen at the student’s convenience. After MCA, a graduate can work in the job profiles such as MIS Director, System Analyst, Computer Network Architects, Chief Information Officer, Management Consultant, etc. 

  • Venture into Digital Marketing

People who want to do something innovative and creative in the digital platform can venture into digital marketing after completing BCA. Depending on your interest, you can choose a certificate course in digital marketing to a PG degree course which has a duration of 6 months to 2 years. A Digital degree will teach you the practical and theoretical aspects of online tools and digital platforms. 

More than 50% of the business in the world runs on the digital platform. In this business, digital marketers play a key role. The roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer include the creation of web content, SEO optimization, marketing analytics, content marketing, social media expertise, content writing, etc. You can work as Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketer, Content Marketer, Search Engine Optimizer, Content Creator, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, etc., after completing a digital degree.

  • Become a Data Scientist

A masters degree in Data Science offers exciting roles in various organisations which focus on the sectors of marketing, technology, and much more. In the era of digitisation, the demand for data scientists has increased tremendously. From diploma to PG courses, the options to pursue data science after BCA are vast. The course teaches the concepts of computer science, mathematics, statistics, information technology, etc. 

The duration of a course in data science could range from 1 -4 years. A data science graduate can work in the fastest-growing sectors as Research Analyst, Data Scientist, Computer Scientist, Data Architect, Data Administrator, Data Engineer, etc. 

  • Become a Cyber Security Expert

One of the exciting job profiles you can choose after completing BCA will be to become a cyber security expert. As long as companies choose to digitise their data, a position for a cyber security expert will be always open. 

Courses in cyber security teach you to protect the data, operation systems, and networks from cybercrime. Aspirants can pick from a certificate to a postgraduation course in cyber security and the duration ranges from 6 months to 4 years. Cyber security courses will focus on the study of Data Analysis, Programming, Scripting, Security Designing, System Administration, Network Concepts, Cyber Defence, etc.

  • Become a Teacher

Once you complete a BCA degree, you can venture into the teaching profession if you are interested. You can apply for a B.ed course or a diploma in education degree in any recognized university or college and become a teacher of the BCA course. If you want to start teaching in BCA colleges or universities, you should not refrain from choosing these courses. 

The world is digitising itself in a swift way. In this competitive era of technology, one should scale new heights by always innovating and learning ahead of the curve. Choose the best certification courses and have a progressive and successful career after BCA!

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