Why TheWorldGrad


Over 6 lakh Indian students chose to study abroad in the year 2022. This is due to the global experience, work opportunities and learning experience that students gain by choosing a country away from their home country, giving them a holistic perspective on cultural, linguistic, professional and personal aspects. More and more students are choosing overseas destinations to fulfil their academic and career ambitions, in countries like the US, the UK, and Australia, among others.

However, finding the best fit overseas university & course is a time consuming process and the decision to go overseas for higher education is an expensive one. This is where The WorldGrad comes in.

What is The WorldGrad?

The WorldGrad is an award-winning education provider leading to globally ranked universities in Australia, the UAE, the UK and the USA. Dedicated to making overseas education accessible and affordable, The WorldGrad offers Indian students the smartest way to study overseas. Students who enrol with The WorldGrad benefit from 3 distinct advantages, as listed below:

  1. Seamless and guaranteed admissions process

The WorldGrad’s academic collaboration with overseas institutions brings with it a fast, seamless admissions process with pre-approved scholarship packages and SAT/LOR waivers. Students receive an offer from the overseas institution before starting their program with The WorldGrad guaranteeing admission upon successful completion. They have a track record of 100% visa success since their students have demonstrated academic commitment and competency.

  1. Overseas Academic Success

1 in 3 students fails in their first term overseas due to the drastic change in the academic and cultural environment. By starting with The WorldGrad, students not only pick up the academic concepts but also the academic skills required to succeed overseas with unlimited 1-1 academic support from highly qualified teachers, 7 days a week till late in the evening.

  1. Significant Cost savings

The WorldGrad makes getting an overseas education more affordable than ever. Students can reduce their overseas education cost by up to 25% or more through fee subsidies, scholarships & financial aid. Their program fees for the in-country component of the overseas degree (up to 1 year) are 1/3rd the on-campus university fees, and their students also get exclusive scholarships* from The WorldGrad’s partners on the overseas component of the degree. Additionally, students save on living expenses by completing up to 1 year of their overseas degree from home.

*Scholarship availability and amount will vary from university to university

What programs does The WorldGrad offer?

TWG offer

The WorldGrad jointly offers programs with overseas universities that allow students to select from a range of business, STEM or IT undergraduate and postgraduate degrees across their 30+ international partner institutions. Here are some more details about the same:

a). All American Undergraduate Program: This program allows Indian students to start their education from the comfort of home and complete up to 30 credits or the first year of their bachelor’s degree. Students can then proceed to one of our top-ranked partner universities in the USA to complete the remainder of their education on campus. Students can pursue a STEM or Non-STEM degree to earn credits from  Tiffin University and Mount Saint Mary’s University LA, respectively.

b). All American Graduate Program: The All-American Graduate Program gives students the flexibility to complete 6 credits of their degree in-country and then progress overseas to the USA to complete the remaining 24 to 30 credits on campus with one of TheWorldGrad’s globally recognized partner institutes. This program is equal to two graduate-level courses, making students eligible for both STEM and non-STEM master’s degrees.

c). lobal Online Accelerator Program: Offered in collaboration with the University of Wollongong College Australia, this program allows students to complete 4 modules or 1 term of their Business or IT undergraduate degree online at home before moving to the Australia campus at their chosen institution for term 2

d). K Year 1 Program: This is an accelerator program that allows students to complete Year 1 of their UK undergraduate degree from home in just 6 months before progressing to the UK University campus to complete the rest of their degree. The credits earned during this program are recognized by multiple top-tier universities in the UK.

e). UniSmarter Program: Offered in partnership with Navitas, the UniSmarter Program allows students to complete 4 modules or 1 term online from home before progressing to an overseas partner university in Australia, the UK or the UAE to study the onshore pathway module and then complete their degree on the university campus.

How can I find my best fit course and university?

The WorldGrad offers students a wide variety of courses to pursue their education overseas across business, IT and science disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

These courses are offered at The WorldGrad’s partner institutions which are spread out all over the world, including but not limited to, the USA, the UK and Australia. Students can choose from courses as varied as a BSc in International Business to a Bachelor of Business in Sports Management at the undergraduate level or Masters of Business courses and Masters in Financial Planning at the postgraduate level.

Students can contact the expert counselling team at The WorldGrad to make a choice, apply for the degree and university of their choice and begin their education through a simple, fast and seamless admission process.

Students can understand their best fit courses and universities during the counselling process followed by end-to-end support from documentation to financial planning thus, ensuring their successful progression to their destination university overseas.


With The WorldGrad propelling students towards an overseas education, they can save time and money while pursuing their dreams. The courses have been designed to help students gain academic and employability skills to help them succeed overseas.

Having won multiple awards and helped many students to fulfil their dream, The WorldGrad boasts an average student satisfaction score of 4.8 on 5 from over 20,000 students with a 90%+ progression rate to the destination university overseas.

To sign up for The WorldGrad’s programs, contact their admissions team today.