Finding a good business mentor can be challenging. A good business mentor will sacrifice a lot of their time and effort to support you because they want to see you succeed. However, many people who have achieved career success, possibly after receiving helpful mentorship from several mentoring platforms, always wish to repay that favor by mentoring someone else. And now you can become that “Someone else” with AskMe! Keep on reading to learn more!

It’s acceptable to approach someone in your industry or the field you hope to enter in the future. Sometimes they are also interested in an ongoing mentorship relationship, or they have already shown you support by, for example, asking if there is anything they can do to assist you. Even if they decline, they will be touched that you valued their knowledge and insight enough to inquire. However, you may wonder whether getting competent business mentoring is worth the trouble. A strong business mentorship may be beneficial in a surprising number of ways, and having one may even alter the course of your life. Read on.

They can introduce you to people you should know.

The adage that “who you know” can be just as important as “what you know.” Even if you may be the finest candidate for a job, internship, or spot in school magazines, the decision-makers will likely choose someone they already know or who has come highly recommended by someone they respect. These possibilities may not even be widely posted in some situations. For example, the lab conducting the study you’re interested in may advertise for something other than a summer intern. Still, if you know someone who works there, they may be able to locate an opening—having mentoring platforms as guidance can be a way to meet the individuals you need to know to gain a head start. A mentor with strong connections can arrange meetings and phone conversations for you, as well as invite you to the kinds of casual get-togethers of professionals that are beneficial for networking. 

Whatever your industry, you could discover that you have to make some mistakes on your own before you can learn from them and prevent them in the future. Fortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are some errors you can avoid committing the first time with the appropriate advice. A close confidant like a mentor of any mentoring platform can immediately identify you headed toward blunders that are difficult to spot in literature or conferences. A mentor, as opposed to a teacher or manager, who is always bound by the nature of their connection with you, can be completely honest with you about their own mistakes. Additionally, you might feel more at ease sharing where you think you could be making mistakes with a mentor openly and honestly. The sum of these elements enables you to identify potential regions of error.

How does it work?

The flexibility of mentorship today is something that was not possible in the past. Before, communication could only take place verbally or over the phone. Currently, mentees can communicate with their mentors both in-person and online using mentoring platforms. Mentors can also originate from various sources: Family, relationships, and professional connections can all be considered. Additionally, mentorship can be informal or systematic, depending on what suits both parties the best. Regular professional contact is crucial to the connection, regardless of how it is conducted.

When developing a mentoring relationship, there are two essential things to consider:

  • Choose your level of involvement first. Whether the mentor and mentee decide to work closely together or conduct chats by email as necessary, the arrangement should match their needs. 
  • Next, ascertain the structure’s level. Regular sessions with predetermined topics and objectives could be part of formal mentoring platforms. In less formal relationships, mentees may contact the mentor when issues arise or require advice.

Today’s internationally interconnected world makes meaningful mentoring platforms more feasible than ever. Online mentoring or e-mentoring platforms are the best options for people who want a casual relationship or are separated by distance. An interactive, remote mentoring relationship is known as e-mentoring.


The best approach to quicken your development is to go for it under the guidance of experts! Mentoring platforms aim to pair up someone with extensive knowledge and experience with someone who has yet to attain those same levels of expertise. And if you are looking for one, AskMe has got you covered!

AskMe is an automated mentoring platform for end-to-end mentoring that offers a whole mentoring solution. AskMe also adds knowledge to your mentoring program outside of these areas. Mentoring platform is a formidable tool for increasing employee engagement and creating resilient organizations. When implemented correctly, the mentoring platform may assist firms in unlocking the full potential of their workforce and accelerating corporate success. With the help of mentoring platforms that combines many capabilities, your organization may achieve and drive transformation at scale.