In Louisiana, you are allowed a defensive carry with an appropriate permit to protect you. Having a handgun inside your home gives you peace of mind because you can ensure family safety when there is an intruder threat. However, getting a permit and owning a gun is an essential requirement. You have to train your brain to respond correctly when there is panic all over the house. Intruders will always take you by surprise, and you should be able to defend your family in the middle of the night when you have just woken up.

The natural adrenalin response of your body in case of an intruder attack will not help you when you have a handgun. Louisiana has no duty on retreat, which means that you can shoot the intruder to defend your home. However, shooting is the last thing you want to do when you have a handgun. Home defense handgun training courses will train you how to think, and this will keep your family away from danger while ensuring that the intruder gets what he deserves.

Learn Everything About Home Defense, Including Using The Firearm

The home defense training course will teach you how to think and respond with your whole family inside your home during intruder attacks. The first step is to improve home security to deter potential intruders. You have to learn how to enforce physical security with secure doors, windows, and locks. Preventing a confrontation and moving your family for the cover should be the priority in case of intruder attacks. You have to learn how to stage firearms and interact with threats to deescalate the situation. During high-stress situations, you have to call for law enforcement and interact with them in the right way to protect your family.

The training course will walk you through the defense techniques using real-life simulations and scenarios. The skills you learn can be practised in live situations. Non-lethal training ammunition is useful in creating simulations that mimic actual danger.

Once you understand and practice how to think, you should start focusing on using firearms. The live-fire training courses will help you to understand defensive shooting fundamentals. Defensive training is offered as a combination of e-learning and live training. The e-learning training material is useful to learn at your own pace. Before your live fire training session, you can fully revisit the topics and fully understand the concepts.

During the live-fire training session, you will participate in real-life scenarios and learn how to use your defensive carry when the need arises. Every gun owner needs this training to protect the family during intruder attacks and ensure that the defensive weapon is stored safely inside the home. By forcing yourself to participate in intruder simulation scenarios, you can train your brain and body to respond effectively when the worst thing happens to your family inside your own home.

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