It is normal human behaviour to try to hold onto things. Most people have a special place in their hearts for their childhoods and nostalgia. While that is a wonderful thing the truth is that with technology, one can’t think of doing the same. Holding onto old technology is not just foolhardy, it can be devastating for the success of the institution. 

Holding onto The Old May Not Be A Good Idea

Some educational institutions don’t subscribe to online learning platforms. They feel that what is not broken should not be fixed. While that may be true for a lot of things, it is not true when it comes to technology.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has shown how fast things can change. The education sector has changed forever. The education sector has witnessed a huge change with most schools, colleges, and universities adopting the e-learning platform to teach students.

Lower Student Engagement

The truth is that student profiles have changed over the years. Today, students are more comfortable with their smartphones and laptops. They have taken very well to the LMS software that allows them to get an education at their own pace. When institutions refuse to replace old technology with a new one, it can mean lower student engagement.

For example, reports have shown that online learning is a very effective way of getting students to increase focus and concentration. With old-school methods, student engagement may fall in the consequent years.

Importance Of Data

Online learning platforms are not just a way to impart to students the information they need to know to pass an examination. They are much more than that. Such platforms enable institutions to work with data. Collecting, storing, and using such data will enable institutions to offer more student-focused programs and courses that will be highly beneficial for them.

In every field, the importance of big data cannot be denied. Online stores consider big data a boon and very soon the education sector is also going to think likewise. Many institutions are already offering courses depending on the exact skill of the students. This is wonderful because it lets students study at their own pace and capability.

Digital Is The Way To Go

Why do most people read newspapers on their phones today? Well, it is because of technology and the ease that the digital space offers. The education sector is the same because the convenience that digitalization offers is great for institutions.

Better Collaboration

Old technology may also not lead to great collaboration between students and teachers. With LMS software, it is easier for students and teachers to collaborate and work better together.

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