Cams is a certified anti-money laundry course. We do come across many financial crimes hitting the headlines almost daily. To practice such cases and to look into the matter, cams exams are held.

CAMS is a global qualification that checks the key principle of money launder and how to prevent it. 

It does not take much time. In a time of 3 months, you can be Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist. CAMS is a standard certification and, it is available in 12 languages, including Spanish.

How to get certified?

  1. Acams – you have to be an active member of acams. Acams is the largest anti-money laundry community.  
  2. Submit your application
  3. Cams exam – after applying, prepare for the cams exam and pass the exam.

CAMS exam questions

CAMS exams have questions relating to financial crimes and money laundering. There is no special composition but you can expect a mix of all the topics of the syllabus. Study the entire syllabus thoroughly and, you should never leave any topic unprepared. 

The questions can be related – 

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Drug trafficking and other crimes
  • Questions related to the investigation process and sources
  • Anti-money laundry compliance-related questions
  • Questions regarding the awareness and promoting it
  • About the financial institutions
  • etc.

Eligibility for CAMS exam

The basic eligibility before one plan to appear for the CAMS exam is – 

  • You should be an active member of acams
  • You must have 40 credits of a college education
  • Internships, but only in the field of anti-money laundering

Format of exam 

The exam consists of a paper of 120 questions with no sections. The exam is conducted online, you get 3.5 hours for the exam.

Passing marks –

There is no negative marking. We are rewarded one mark for each correct answer. The passing marks are 62.5% which means you need to mark 75 questions correct out of 120.

You get the result as soon as you submit the test. You get the result on the spot. The official website for the cams exam guide is

Here you receive all the guides which you need to prepare for the exams.

Acams Questions will be very useful for preparing and cracking CAM exams.

the difficulty of cams exam

The exam is not that hard. The exam is only to check your knowledge about the money laundry and international institutions and various other topics included in the exam. With proper preparation and studies, you can pass it in the first attempt itself.

Summary –

Anything related to finance and money is a matter of concern because it directly or indirectly affects the economy as a whole. Money laundering and terror financing involve financial risk. So it is a better option to study and have knowledge of money laundering and financing. Hence cams exams are designed. If one is interested in it, one can go for cams exams, prepare well and appear for the exam. It is of great use in the field of money laundering and terror financing.