The Unites States holds a certain allure for all of us – the American dream, amazing views and unique experiences – but especially for students. From world-class universities to a booming job market and top-notch student facilities – America is the biggest destination for international students in the world with over 10,00,000 students from overseas.

The USA has over 5,500 major universities, including some of the top institutes in the world and boasts of 33 of the top 100 places in the world to study. Across campuses in America, cultures mix and match as diversity and inclusivity shines through, making the US a great way to experience the world as a student.

The American Appeal

There are many reasons that education in the US is so appealing to the Indian student. The first of these is the academic flexibility offered by American universities. An undergraduate student has the option to study a wide range of subjects before choosing their major at the end of the second year. Similarly, graduate students can customize their studies with combined degrees through elective courses. Another advantage in the US is how easy it is to transfer admission – moving credits from one university to another – allowing students to move cities if they so choose to do.

Networking and creating friendships and relationships for life is another advantage of studying in the US. Professors are open to discussions, offering valuable career advice and ways to become more employable. Universities often host job fairs, workshops, counselling sessions and networking events to boost student visibility. Most US universities also boast wide alumni networks that can help mentor and guide students and allowing them to pave the pathway to a better future.


What About Living and Costs?

Cultural diversity defines most universities in the US, with students from all over the world sharing campus living and classrooms. The diversity helps Indian students to settle in and also creates a productive environment for them to flourish in. Every campus also has an international student service office where any concerns by Indian students or that of any international student can be addressed. Indian students can also benefit from the strong presence of the Indian community in the US.

Depending on the course you select and the university, your fees can vary between USD33,500 – USD40,000 per year. When it comes to living expenses, your city and spending habits can change this number but usually USD1000 to USD1600 per month will allow you to experience the best of the local culture.

If you complete part of Year 1 with TheWorldGrad online from home, you can save up to USD47,000 in tuition fees and USD13,500 in living costs. Additional scholarships up to USD60,000 on overseas tuition fees are available to TheWorldGrad students at select partner institutions.


Careers in America

Once your education is complete, you will need to find a job that suits your prospects and accelerates your growth. Industries like healthcare, technology and computer sciences are major driving forces in the US economy. Job opportunities in these fields are expected to grow by between 11% and 18% by 2029.

Some of the top career choices in America are medical professionals, computer scientist, investment banker, software engineer, teacher, marketing & public relations and human resources.

In a nutshell, the US offers amazing career opportunities and excellent packages to freshers out of college. Indian students should surely look at in-demand jobs and understand how they can tailor their courses to take best advantage of the same.




As you can see, from flexibility in your chosen courses to the amazing career opportunities – the US offers an amazing variety of reasons for students to choose it as their destination to study abroad. For the Indian student, graduating in America can change their life forever.

TheWorldGrad’s All American Undergraduate Program offers Indian students a path to a top-ranked US university that would not break the bank. This allows you to complete 1 year of education from home and they can move to the top-ranked university in Year 2 to complete their degree. Students can gain up to 30 credits from studying at home.

The credits earned through this program are recognized by over 4000 universities, allowing you plenty of choices between universities partnered with TheWorldGrad or finding a university of your own choice. If you choose to continue with partner universities, you could avail of exclusive scholarships in addition to the savings you make during Year 1 on tuition fees and other expenses.

Studying in the US brings Indian students closer to the American Dream, giving them freedom and exposure to global cultures like no other country can. Hence, Indian students tend to choose studying in the US as their preferred destination when going overseas!