JEE is a computer-based entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency. It is being conducted for the students that aspire to pursue undergraduate courses in top engineering institutes in our country. Extramarks is a website that offers a vast range of  JEE preparation courses and one can have access to unlimited learning resources. 

There are various benefits of taking up this examination. Following are the top five benefits:

  • It helps in getting seats at the top colleges

The entrance exam aspirants can try to get admitted into the best of the IITs, NIT and several other reputed private institutions after this examination. One is also likely to stumble upon such colleges that don’t even conduct other entrance tests but consider the JEE rank. There is a vast number of reputed colleges across the entire state that select the students depending upon the merit list or the eligible percentage.

  • Broad syllabus suited for other entrance exams

JEE is the examination that allows the students to be aware of the subject matter in the most impeccable way possible. The students also get to know about the nooks and the loopholes of the subject. This way, the student can get an in-depth knowledge of the subject. The students who participate in this examination can also try for other national exams such as NEET-UG, GATE, BITSAT and VIT across the most reputed colleges and universities throughout the nation.

  • Interdisciplinary courses

Individuals accustomed to learning multi-disciplines can learn other specialized fields for a broader vision. This integration of courses can be acknowledged in your interested niche. 

  • It prepares you for the real world 

JEE is recognized as one of the toughest examinations in our country. It challenges your potential. It teaches you to learn how to handle pressure. You can also gain experience in dealing with competitiveness at the top. One also gets an experience of dealing with the taste of rejection and promotion. One also learns to cope up with handling such exams with a good mental state. With each passing year, the competition gets higher and higher. The students try to give their best. It is a well-known fact that if they can tackle and prepare for such a complex examination, they find the other types of exams easier compared to this one, and hence they come out with flying colors.

  • Learn how to manage time efficiently

The board follows a very strict pattern while setting the paper. They see to it that no questions are repeated while setting the paper. Thus, the students should learn how to manage time and what amount of time to dedicate for each question. Eliminating and encircling the correct option in the OMR sheet plays a very crucial role in saving time. The student needs to invest the right amount of time to understand each question. 

The first step is understanding the question. Understanding the question consumes a good amount of time. Sheets are provided for all the rough calculations. 

This exam equips the student with the art of managing time well.