Humanities– an interesting academic discipline, covers various aspects of human life, culture, society, and the world. The study of social science (or humanities) paves the way for diverse career options. Some of the most-demanded jobs in India include (but are not limited to) psychologists, career counsellors, journalists, historians, geologists, meteorologists, archaeologists, public relations managers, anthropologists, lawyers, social workers, lawyers, administrative officers, etc. If you want to pursue careers in journalism and mass communication or psychology and seek admissions at the best BA colleges in Bangalore offering these programs, read on to find more information. Also discover the highest-paying jobs in journalism and psychology.

BA In Psychology: Is It A Good Option?

Psychology is an excellent subject for students who are interested in studying the human mind, behaviour, and their functioning. The field bridges the gap between social sciences, education, and medical science; hence, it is called “hub science.” Students of psychology can specialise in multiple niches (e.g., education, guidance & counselling, human development, social & industrial development, psychopathology, forensics, human behaviour & psychological processes, etc.).

BA in Psychology Scope: Five Rewarding Psychology Jobs

1) Clinical Psychologists:

Clinical psychologists assist people in maintaining their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They identify causes of mental issues (like stress, anxiety, anger, depression, etc.) and recommend suitable recovery plans, custom-tailored according to their clients’ preferences.

2) Child/Developmental Psychologists:

Child psychologists study growth and development during the early years, whereas developmental psychologists study how people grow and adapt at different ages. They offer advice on how to cope with challenges and changes during adolescence and adulthood.

3) School Psychologists/ Counsellors:

School psychologists and counsellors serve as mentors and advocates for students’ rights. They assist students in setting academic goals, focusing on learning, coping with the challenges of student life, managing emotions & relationships, and deciding on a prospective career.

4) Neuropsychologists:

These professionals treat brain-based disorders after evaluating their patients’ needs and running cognitive tests. Accordingly, they suggest tips on lifestyle management to help clients overcome life obstacles.

5) Forensic Psychologists:

These individuals work in the criminal justice system. They study the psychology and behaviour of criminals, victims, witnesses, attorneys, juries, etc., to help solve legal and criminal cases.

After completing their BA in psychology, students can pursue an internship in relevant fields to get hands-on experience of the industry. They could also opt for a master’s degree and specialise in a specific niche to get a job.

Careers In Journalism And Mass Communication

BA in Journalism, Multi-media & Mass communication are excellent academic disciplines for students who are aware, vocal, and interested in highlighting or standing for various social issues. At the undergraduate level, students study engaging topics like investigative journalism, news reporting, feature writing, editing, audio and visual communication, marketing, photography, etc. The course has gained more traction with the boom of digital marketing in India.

Highest Paying Jobs In Journalism

1) Journalists/Reporters:

They’re responsible for making the masses aware of the latest happenings around them. They spread the news, analyse incidents, mentor and educate people on various topics.

2) Film & Video Editors:

The role of a video or film editor includes studying the uncut footage and scripts to guide scene development. They determine the best coordinating sounds, camera angles, and visual effects before the final post-production delivery.

3) Public Relations Officers:

Public relations specialists are experts at developing promotional campaigns and strategies for individuals, businesses, organisations, brands, and government agencies. They bridge the gap between the press and the public, corporations and the government. They also arrange conferences, meetings, events, promotional content, etc. for marketing purposes.

4) Content Writers:

Content writers are responsible for studying audience behaviour & reading patterns and conducting industry research to produce marketing copies for the promotion of products, services, and brands. They create marketing materials for various media.

5) Social Media Specialists:

The growing popularity of social networks has opened endless possibilities for brands to reach out to their target audience online. Here, social media specialists play a crucial role as they create strategies for publishing marketing content on various social media platforms to build a customer database, create brand awareness, and boost sales.

Students can pursue rewarding careers in print or digital media, film & movie making, advertising, marketing, event management, etc. However, a postgraduate degree is recommended for professional growth in both fields.

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