India has a history of seeing an exponential increase in the number of soldiers and defense spending every year, however, this has been increasing with no strategy or plan. India spends over $100 billion on defense and military services each year. The need for compulsory military training was not met until the Indian government established a new policy in 2018.

This is because India believes that without a well-trained military, it will be vulnerable to foreign attacks such as China taking over its country’s territory.

The policy states that all citizens under the age of 18 are required to undertake compulsory military training for one month every year, where they will learn skills such as self-defense.

What is the current state of Indian military?

The U.S. Department of Defense announced that it would invest $110 million in the Indian military in 2018, a significant increase from its investment in previous years.

India is among the top five defense spenders globally and told its military to focus on modernization efforts. India has been investing heavily in the development of its own defense industry, and recent developments have shown that this strategy is paying off as Indian private companies are getting more active in global markets and government-owned defense companies are becoming more competitive against their international counterparts.

The United States has been trying to improve relations with India by expanding military ties between the two countries and by offsetting some of India’s cost for acquiring American weapons systems such as Apache helicopters, F-16 fighter jets, Black Hawk helicopters and Chinook transport.

How India needs compulsory military training for its economy and security

Military training is an important factor that India needs in order to survive. It needs to be compulsory for first time offenders of certain crimes and those found guilty of possessing a weapon or ammunition.

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in India, we need to gear up our economy and security for another era of terrorism.

There are many arguments on whether military training should be compulsory or not. However, this Indian economy needs this compulsory military training as it is imperative that India builds its military skillset in order to survive in any case.

Types of Military training that India needs

The Indian military, is undergoing a significant transformation such as online colleges for military. The future of warfare is digital and India should develop a robust strategy to keep up with this change.

  1. Reducing military size- increasing reliance on technology
  2. National service for women
  3. Jointly developing new technologies
  4. Manned and unmanned space collaboration
  5. Military education
  6. Make army more inclusives

State of Indian Defence Ministry in 2019 and Its Effects on the Economy

The Indian defence ministry has been a continuous source of controversy in the recent past. It has been a matter of debate on whether the defence ministry should be privatised or not.

The defence ministry is not functioning efficiently and it causes huge economic losses to India. The government should work on fixing the issues of this ministry before it causes more damage to the economy.

The Role of the Indian Government in Allowing a Compulsory Military Training for Its Citizens

The Indian government has launched a new program to strengthen the military sectors of the country and expand its presence in the international arena. This was done as a response to growing threats on China and Pakistan. The Indian government also wants to make sure that there is enough manpower for their defense forces, which is why it’s not only about increasing military numbers but also about training. Citizens can be trained to run different security weapons and optics, like red dot & holographic sights, in military training.

The idea behind this program is to build a strong foundation for all citizens, especially those who are often neglected by the government – children from poor families and women.

What are the Effects if India does not implement Compulsory Military Training?

If India doesn’t implement compulsory military training, the country might not be able to defend its borders. The military forces in the country might not have enough combat-ready personnel to cover all the fronts.

The Indian army is facing a shortage of personnel and this might lead to a shortage of arms and ammunition.

In addition, other nations might perceive India as weak and thus may make hostile moves against it.