Every student completes their basic schooling and dreams of completing under-graduation courses with the best college. It is important to take the SAT if you desire to enter your college of choice.

But you must be wondering what SAT examination (การสอบ SAT คืออะไร, which is the term in Thai) is and how it helps the students to excel in their interests.

What Are SAT Examinations And Their Importance?

SAT is an abbreviation of Scholastic Assessment Test, earlier known as the scheduled aptitude test. It is a screening tool managed and conducted by the specific College Board. A student who wants to apply for under-graduation courses at their college choice takes it.

The SAT assesses a student’s academic abilities in mathematics and English. SAT exams are majorly used as a criterion in several internationally based universities and colleges. SAT examinations are essential as they assess the student’s capability and help them further acquire admissions.

Now that we have understood what SAT examination is exactly, it is crucial to understand each of the sections involved with the SAT exams.

English Writing And Reading Tests For SAT

The SAT focuses on testing your ability in English speaking and writing. Proficiency in English reading consists of article writing on topics such as literature, social sciences, science, celebrity speeches, etc. This helps in understanding the command of evidence and words in the specified topics.

Apart from the reading test, even the written test is considered vital. The examination for the English expertise is conducted for 3 hours of reading and writing inclusively. A total of 1600 points are equally distributed in both the sections of English and mathematics.

Mathematical Tests In SAT

The mathematical test for SAT is conducted for approximately 1 hour and 2 minutes with 58 items as questions and 800 points in total. The test has two vivid sections of calculations and without calculations. The ones with calculations have logical and detailed questions where the attempt is to provide the correct answer post with the calculation.


No matter how intelligent or a top ranker you are, SAT is a compulsory exam which every student is liable to appear for. Depending on the results of the exam, the admission and application processes will start for the colleges.

Students consider the SAT examination as a benchmark for their future studies. They want to upskill their career and knowledge levels to another level. This helps them make the future the best way possible and helps them succeed.