Essay Writing Service websites such as Unemployed Professors offer a critical service to help students of all levels to manage their academic load better. Some benefits of using an essay writing service include fast turnaround times that guarantee timely delivery of high-quality work. Unemployed Professors use verified professors to ensure that students’ assignments are done perfectly. The website is also easy to use, with online customer support to address all customer needs.

Features of the Best Essay Writing Service

Common features of the top essay writing services include a strict plagiarism policy, emphasis on timely delivery, multichannel and 24/7 customer support (such as email, phone, and website chatbot), revisions and amendments, and editing and proofreading. Heightened privacy and security are essential to ensure that the client’s information is secured. Leading websites like Unemployed Professors are made up of experienced and verified professors.

Top 10 things to consider when choosing an Essay Writing Service

  1. For consistency, the customer must ensure the website’s accuracy by looking at the URL (web address) and the logo.
  2. The customer should consider referrals.
  3. Consider the company’s customer support (24/7 on multiple platforms).
  4. Read about the company and pay attention to the complaints and appreciation.
  5. Consider the company’s reputation.
  6. Review the samples of work to determine the level of quality.
  7. Consider the user’s experience navigating the website.
  8. The essay writing service must allow the customer to collaborate with the writer directly.
  9. Consider the after-sale services like free revision and the opportunity to register a complaint.
  10. Consider if the essay writing service offers guarantees such as no plagiarism, late delivery, and compliance with specified instructions.

How to Choose the Correct Writer for Your Project

One of the best ways to choose the writer for your project is by assessing their previous work. Look for a writer with a high rating alongside a high volume of completed work. The combination of excellence and experience ensures that the customer deals with a capable writer. Another approach is engaging with the writer (via the system’s messaging system) to assess their understanding of the assignment’s requirements.

What are the Characteristics and Inclusions to expect in a well-written Essay?

A well-written essay will comprise a captivating introduction with a thesis statement at the end. Other features and inclusions are well-arranged paragraphs beginning with a topic sentence, transitions between the paragraphs, and complete paragraphs; the essay should follow a single formatting style, not have grammar or structure issues, and a broad conclusion.

Essay Formatting Explained

Essay formatting is the process of ensuring that the essay conforms to the structure of a specified format. Essay formatting covers the structure of the cover page, paragraphs (from introduction to conclusion), and references/bibliography. Different formats have different requirements. The professors working at Unemployed Professors are experts in the different formats from APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.

Writing vs. Rewriting/Editing

Writing refers to the process of developing new content under a specified topic. In contrast, rewriting is where an already completed academic or technical paper is reviewed and revised to improve its quality. Editing helps to remove minor errors such as structure or grammatical errors. Unemployed Professors’ writers offer to rewrite and edit services for free (in the case where they wrote the original work).

Different types of Essays that you can Order

Unemployed Professors offers a multitude of services for all our client’s needs. The types of essays that can be ordered include research papers, resumes, cover letters, theses, dissertations, technical papers and reports, analytical essays, argumentative essays, white papers, letters, and business plans.

How to Write an Effective Essay Project Description

A good essay project description should introduce the topic and paper requirements (number of pages, references, and formatting style. Outlining the topic and the requirements make it easier for the writers to review and understand the requirements before they bid on the project.

Is Using an Essay Service Legal and Safe

Using an essay service for your needs is completely legal. Using a reputable company also makes it safe since the customer is assured of timely delivery with 0% plagiarism. The online platforms are also secured to protect the customer’s payment information, thereby enhancing safety.


It is vital to note that hiring a reputable essay-writing company like Unemployed Professors is legal and safe. Customers should consistently review factors like the company’s reputation, customer service, referrals, the website’s usability, consistency of the trademark, and quality, among others, before selecting an essay writing service. Unemployed Professors showcases the features of the leading essay writing companies, like offering free revisions and amendments, 24/7 customer support, dispute management, strictly no plagiarism, and timely deliveries. Unemployed Professors offers numerous essay writing services by verified professors for top-tier quality.