Are you looking for the right international school for your child? It requires intensive research and a lot of time. But you can make things easier when you know the essential things you should look for when choosing Malaysia international school. Let’s have a look below:

· Accreditation OfThe School

Checking the accreditation of the school is the first thing you should check when choosing an international school. Accreditation means the school lives to a certain standard from the view of academics and others.

Accreditation ensures that the school follows a specific standard of learning and adheres to the safety standard. Apart from that, accreditation also ensures that you can transfer to another accredited school.

· Value For The Languages And Culture

Most international schools generally follow English as their primary language, and some others also teach their students a wide range of languages. You should ensure that the school values other languages and motivates other students to learn them. If the school cannot respect other’s cultures, it cannot impart values to the student.

· Holistic Development

Everyone wants their child to be a curious learner and communicate better. Holistic development refers to the development of essential mental, physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Apart from that, it also makes connections to the specific subject.

· Curriculum

When choosing an international school, you must look for the curriculum there. You should know what kind of programme the school implements. Opt for a school that features an integrated learning system. Generally, international schools are focused on providing a curriculum that includes extracurricular activities also. They encourage the students to participate in these extracurricular activities to be academically strong and have a well-versed knowledge of the culture and arts.

· Facilities

Facilities are one of the most important things you must consider when choosing a Malaysian international school. For example, a well-organized campus ground allows students to get involved with sports and other cultural activities. It also works as a stress buster when they walk through the environment amidst the fresh air and trees.


These all are some of the most important criteria you should look for when choosing an international school. Hope the article has helped you do your best for your child’s future.