New parents are bombarded with the very latest in parenting tips, knowledge, and tricks, in every book, blog, podcast, and TV show. The problem is that there are only so many hours in the day – so how can you possibly expect to absorb all of this knowledge? 

The good news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you, and come up with the top 10 things that you need to know – outside of the day-to-day like how to change your baby etc. Here are the 10 things that every new parent needs to know: 

  • It isn’t easy

In case no one has told you, being a parent isn’t easy – but nothing that’s truly worth it in life really is. The good news is that it isn’t all bad. 

  • Being a parent is one of the most rewarding things you can do 

All the sappy stuff you hear in movies or hear your parents say is true. Being a parent is very rewarding – no matter how tough it gets. The tantrums, late nights, and frustrations can all be forgotten when you see your little one smile.

  • Cartoons aren’t bad for children

Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, the right free kids cartoons can actually be good for your kids because they teach them important life lessons, language skills, and much more! 

  • Getting help is ok

No parent has ever truly raised a child alone. We all need help at some point or another and that’s ok. Trying to do it alone is only going to make your life harder. So please, for your sake above all else, take any help that’s offered – no one will judge you. 

  • Your needs don’t stop 

Your need to eat, sleep, and generally take care of yourself doesn’t suddenly stop because you’ve had a child. Taking care of yourself will help you to be a better parent – so don’t neglect your own needs! 

  • Your relationship will take a toll 

A new life will take the spotlight off your relationship. Don’t forget to nurture your partner and your relationship too!

  • Sleep will be a thing of the past

This sucks, but you’re not going to sleep much. Sorry in advance! 

  • Your priorities will change 

It’s natural that things like your big promotion, drinks with friends, and other things will matter less because all you’ll want to do is be at home with your new arrival. 

  • Kid’s stuff is expensive

You will be surprised to learn how expensive a small pair of jeans or shoes can be. If you can try to buy second hand – these items are just as good, but nowhere near as expensive. 

  • Your kids won’t like you all the time, and that’s ok

Remember when you didn’t like your parents on occasion? The same thing will happen with your kids that’s ok. You aren’t being a bad parent.